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3 Great Reasons to Hit the Gym

If you know you should exercise, but do not seem to be able to get the motivation, these three reasons for hitting the gym may just give you a boost.


Lose weight -- The main reason people head to a gym on a consistent basis is to lose weight.


Doing exercise five to six times a week will burn off at least 3,000 calories a week, or around 12,000 calories a month. Without doing anything else at all, that calorie burn off can cause you to lose four to five pounds a month.


If you also lift weights while you are at the gym, you will bump up your weight loss even more, as the more muscle you have the faster your metabolism will burn calories.


Tone your body -- If you want to wear a bikini or look great in tighter clothing, having a toned body is a must.


Exercising several times a week at the gym is the best way to get a toned body. You can even concentrate on specific parts of your body on specific days. If you want to have a toned stomach, for instance, you can concentrate on doing exercises for that.


Meeting people -- Hitting the gym on a regular basis is also a great way to meet people.


You will usually find the same people go to the gym around the same time every day. If you do that too, you will eventually find people talking to you.


You may even get invited out for drinks or a meal with like-minded individuals also interested in getting fit.


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